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  • sloth wearing sunglasses in airplane

    The Craziest Requests Made by Private Jet Clients

    Private jet travel is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and the ability to customize every aspect of the journey to meet the unique preferences of elite clientele. From gourmet meals to personalized amenities, private jet companies are driven to fulfill their clients’ every desire. However, some requests do push the boundaries of imagination and extravagance, demonstrating […]

  • woman in aircraft cockpit

    International Women’s Day. Recognizing Women in Aviation History

    Last month we celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 and it gave us pause  to think about how women have had a significant impact on aviation history. Often portrayed as a male-dominated field, behind the scenes and above the clouds, women have been making significant contributions to the development and advancement of aviation since […]

  • Blank copy of Air Operator Certificate

    The 7 Steps Companies Take to Obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

    An Air Operator Certificate is a legal authorization issued by the aviation regulatory authority of any country that allows an operator to engage in commercial air transport activities. The AOC signifies that an operator has met stringent safety, maintenance, operational, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the operation is conducted with the highest level of safety […]

  • 5 things pilots should consider when looking for a new position.

    At Avionco, along with our partner organization PilotMovers, we have one of the world’s leading state-of-the-art pilot databases for helping commercial, private and business aviation customers find the right pilots for their organizations. However, it also works the other way. We help pilots choose the right organization for them.  It’s all about fit, understanding and the […]

  • Where some of the the private jet set spent last summer

    It’s the end of October already and we can see the past summer fading in the jet wash as we fly into fall.  Summer is such a great time for our industry and offers a glimpse into some of the more decadent applications of private flight versus the grind of city and country hopping just […]