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  • 5 Key Private Charter Start-Up Traps To Avoid

    We’ve spent a lot of time studying the private charter industry in Europe and watching it evolve.  In doing so we’ve watched a lot of people learn valuable lessons about making a profitable business out of it.  In today’s blog we want to share 5 things that stand out to us that entrepreneurs should think […]

  • 9 Secrets driving the growth of private aviation

    Sales are up. More people are buying more private jets.  You can get different numbers from different sources, but all are showing increases. However, unit sales increases don’t mean that dollar sales are up. In fact, total dollar sales are actually down thanks to the popularity of lower priced, light jets. The rich are getting […]

  • What the top 5 search results say for “What Private Jet Pilots Want”

    Just for fun the other day we decided to see what kind of information is out there when we enter “What Private Jet Pilots Want” into our search engine.  As with any search, there was some helpful and not so helpful stuff for interested readers to peruse. Here’s what the 5 top search headlines were […]

  • The reasons crew members are critical to aircraft management services.

    When people think about aircraft management in the private jet industry they are often likely to focus primarily on the technical and mechanical aspects of keeping these exclusive aircraft flight worthy and ready for passengers at all times.  However, some of the most important aspects of managing a private aircraft are the “experience” related service […]

  • In case you missed us in the EBACE issue of Business Air News

    Once again EBACE continues to be a critical event for aircraft management providers to stay informed and connected.  We published an update article in the EBACE issue of Business Air News that you’ll find on page 21. Here’s the link to this issue if you’d like to hear what Josh Dodd had to say: