We make
the business of flight
run smoothly and safely.

Whether it’s AOC, Flight Ops, Tech Ops, Aircraft Management or Acquisition


About Us

We’ve been making a difference in the business of flight for over 20 years.

We deliver best in class services to the Business, Commercial and Private aviation sectors.

Our service model is the secret.

We make your life easier by providing direct access to our core leadership team at all times. In addition, our operations experts work as embedded members of your own team. As a result, you get answers and actions exactly when you need them.

Contact us and find out how our business model, combined with yours, can create a partnership that delivers superior safety, performance and cost efficiency anywhere on the planet.

Whether your business is Business, Commercial or Private, our business is designed to make it run the way you need it to. No drama, no hassles. Just results.

Our Services

If you need it, we do it.

The business of flight needs more than just promises. It needs a team of experienced leaders who apply proven processes and best practices, quickly, safely and effectively.

At Avionco, we walk the talk. Contact us and find out how.


The business of flight requires service providers who understand the importance of ROI.

The business of flight requires service providers who understand the importance of ROI.

We build AOC’s that make it easy for you to conveniently operate your aircraft. We manage multiple tasks including liaison with authorities, manual development, safety and compliance programs, aircraft management, flight ops and tech support.

We are able to adapt quickly to customer needs under the safest conditions looking after you, your team and your aircraft anywhere in the world.

For our full AOC support model… and more, contact us we can help.

Aircraft Management

The business of aircraft ownership comes with enormous responsibilities.

No worries, we make it easier for you … anywhere in the world. Our experienced team employs proven processes to deliver safety first, with complete cost transparency so you can keep your eye on the bottom line.

Our strategically located aircraft management divisions in North America and Europe give us cost efficient, expert access to every location on the globe, for every imaginable aspect of aircraft management.

Contact us and learn how we can make ownership easier.

We provide:

  • Flight Operation Management
  • Technical management, maintenance control, planning and Quality Control
  • Management of crew and maintenance personnel
  • SMS coordination
  • Regulatory airworthiness liaison
  • 24/7 Operations Control Center Including Dispatch
  • 24 hour Over-Flight and Landing permission services
  • Provision of all Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Record keeping, reporting, budgeting, payment of aircraft-related invoices and other administrative requirements
  • Aircraft, passenger and flight support personnel scheduling and travel support services for the client and their passengers
  • Sales & Acquisitions

Charter Services

Our global charter services are designed to keep you flying.

Demand for charter services continues to expand and so do the needs of providers and those they serve. That’s why we’ve built a team of experts backed by worldwide relationships that ensure our customers operate without interruption.

Global logistics and additional flight support are simply the things we do…everyday. When existing aircraft challenges occur, we are also able to provide interim replacement aircraft, seamlessly keeping operations running with minimal downtime.


Flight Ops

The business of flight moves fast, and when you need flight crew we've got them.

Good news – Avionco has the most unique flight crew database on the planet. We constantly populate it with prequalified personnel allowing us to instantly match the right candidates to your requirements. Contact us and we’ll give you a demo of how it works.

From pilots to cabin crew to trainers and instructors, permanent or contract staff, we’ve got the right people for what you need. Ready to fly.

If you’re a Start Up or Existing Operation requiring entry into service…perfect. We have the resources to assist in both recruitment and assessment on site or off. We can configure the simulator qualification programs and the interview processes when multiple crew members are required in a short time frame. Contact us and learn how.

Tech Ops

The business of flight has a lot of working parts… emphasis on working.

That’s why we apply Avionco leadership experience and best practices that make your business run as smoothly as the systems we help you maintain.

Not only do we provide the right technical personnel to maintain and manage your aircraft, we help protect your investment with industry leading technical and valuation audits. This isn’t guesswork, its knowledge.

Knowledge that gives you power and peace of mind. We’ve even developed our own valuation Blue Book – always up to date and accurate. Contact us and let us share what we know with you.

Our technical services cover a long list of critical items that include:

  • Aircraft Technical Audits (records and physical)
  • Aircraft valuations and market analysis
  • Aircraft transition and leasing support services
  • Assessment of maintenance facilities / procedures
  • On-site representation during heavy maintenance
  • Regulatory liaison and compliance
  • Review and preparation of transaction documentation
  • Aircraft lease negotiation representation
  • MDM (Transport Canada), DAR (FAA) and EASA staff to facilitate import/export of aircraft
  • Complete Technical Start-up support
  • On the Job and familiarization training

Leadership Team

Leadership is just a word, unless it’s your business.

Avionco is built on the premise that delivering deeply experienced, accessible leadership – 24 hours a day – is the secret behind our strong relationships with many long term, results driven customers. We call it Top-to-Top Management.

Yes, 24 hours a day. Hard to believe? Call us and see what happens.

Here’s the team that makes the business of flight work:

  • Michael Dodd - CEO
  • Josh Dodd - COO
  • Verna Lidstone - CFO
  • Warren Redfern - Business Development Director
  • Keith Mann - Director of Operations
< Leadership Team

Our customers keep coming back because they trust us. We do what we say we’re going to do, and that helps their business succeed.

Michael Dodd,

Mike has been making the business of flight work for more than 40 years. The founder of Avionco, he’s been at the heart of successfully keeping aircraft moving on a global basis so that that owners and operators can concentrate on keeping their own customers happy.

Mike likes nothing more than when someone calls with an aviation challenge that needs solving. Got one? Contact Mike

< Leadership Team

Response time is critical. Our customers need what they need now and that’s how we’ve built our service model. Direct access to our leadership team, no waiting for an inexperienced account manager to get back to you.

Josh Dodd,

Josh has been a core member of the Avionco leadership team for over 20 years. He’s vastly experienced in all the working parts relevant to the business of flight including spares, inventory, flight operations, asset and technical management. Most recently he’s been focused on Avionco’s Flight Operations Entry Into Service team assisting the world’s largest business aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft Division.

Challenging projects are what drives Josh. Got one? Contact Josh

< Leadership Team

In our industry, there are a lot of moving parts and things happen fast. The financial, contractual and legal aspects have to keep up with all of that with accuracy and transparency.

Verna Lidstone,

Verna has held leadership roles in financial and administrative management for over 35 years. Her experience and knowledge provide Avionco with superior customer focused corporate governance, contracts, human resources, project administration and financial management.

Organization and detail are Verna’s secret weapon. Need to know more? Contact Verna

< Leadership Team

This is a complicated business. It’s important to have solutions ready and to solve problems before they start. That’s what real experience is.

Warren Redfern,
Business Development Director

Warren focuses on Client and Partner relationships, ensuring our service model delivers above expectation at all times. He is the Lead Captain of our Entry Into Service Flight Operations with 31 years of experience on international flight missions. His exceptional skills in technical and flight ops support guarantees customer satisfaction and passenger safety.

< Leadership Team

Safety is the single most important factor in managing our clients’ needs. Whether it’s maintenance, training, personnel or anything in between, safety is our primary focus.

Keith Mann,
Director of Operations

For more than 30 years, Keith has flown and managed aircraft in Chief Pilot positions as well as in Training Captain roles.  His experience with international airline start up programs and business aircraft ensure that you have the right safety leadership when you work with Avionco.

Your Industry

  • Business

    You’ve got a business to run and you don’t need the distractions that come with managing your aircraft.

    We get it. That’s why firms like yours trust Avionco to keep their people moving while they focus on their own businesses. Whatever you need from aircraft, Entry Into Service to personnel, we have the right leadership team to put industry leading practices and procedures to work that will deliver cost effective, safe travel for your people anywhere in the world.

    And we’ll give you a competitive advantage. With operations in North America and Europe, our Business Aircraft Management division puts the world at your fingertips. A long history of effective air operations provides us with the ability to quickly adapt to customer needs under the safest conditions.  In addition, our commitment to your business is to operate your aircraft at a cost designed to protect your bottom line. Luxury and wisdom all in one.

  • Commercial

    You live and breathe the business of flight.

    Maybe you’re established, maybe you’re a start up, but you need services and you need them now. Whether it’s Entry Into Service, operations, maintenance or management you can’t afford to make the wrong decisions. Choosing Avionco puts the right leadership and guidance to work on keeping you competitive and profitable.

    Our deeply experienced leadership team will apply industry leading practices and procedures that will deliver increased safety at lower operational costs from Entry Into Service to daily operations and maintenance. Period.

    Contact us and let us prove it to you.

  • Private

    You’ve earned the ability to live more comfortably, including ownership of your own private jet, capable of getting you to any location, anywhere in the world, whenever you want to go.

    And you want it to be easy. That’s why people like you choose Avionco to look after the details. Whatever you need from aircraft, Entry Into Service to personnel, we have the right leadership team to apply industry leading practices and procedures that will provide you with supremely comfortable, safe travel anywhere in the world.

    And there’s something else. With operations in North America and Europe, our Private Aircraft Management division puts the world at your fingertips. A long history of effective air operations provides us with the ability to quickly adapt to customer needs under the safest conditions. In addition, our commitment to you is to operate your aircraft at a cost designed to protect your bottom line.

For Pilots

The Business of Flight Needs Your Skills.

We’ve been working closely with pilots from all over the world for over 20 years now, placing them in rewarding positions that allow them to apply their exceptional qualifications, experience and skills with the private, commercial and corporate clients who need them.

In that time, we’ve learned that regular, clear communication is a critical concept in this business. That’s why we’ve built an organizational environment and service model that is laser focused on strong, mutual communications, regular feedback, support and opportunities.

Register with us today to become a recognized candidate on our state of the art flight assignments database. It automatically matches your information, qualifications and experience with our extensive list of current opportunities and instantly notifies you.

Don’t miss the assignment of a lifetime.

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