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  • How important is cargo capacity on a private jet?

    When you hear the term “private jet,” the image that likely comes to mind is one of luxury and exclusivity, whisking high-profile executives and celebrities to exotic destinations in unparalleled comfort and style. While that perception certainly holds true, there’s a lot more to private jet performance than meets the eye. As part of catering […]

  • Jet breaking sound barrier

    The 5 most interesting advances in technology related to the private jet industry.

    The private jet industry is driven by innovation and luxury and in recent years several fascinating technological advances are emerging that could really advance private jet travel. Here are 5 that we found most interesting.   Supersonic Travel: The revival of supersonic travel is one of the most exciting developments that we’re watching. Companies like […]

  • Seating inside a corporate jet

    Embracing Opulence: The Rise of Private Flights in Luxury Travel

    The allure of luxury travel has never captivated the minds of affluent travelers more than in recent years, and private flight is no exception. Since the global pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift across the globe from commercial airline travel to private aviation. From both a personal health aspect and the desire for an […]

  • 5 Tips for outsourcing your flight maintenance needs.

    If you or your corporation own a private jet, you’re well aware of the intricacy and challenges of ensuring that regular flight maintenance is completed properly and on schedule.   In the business of flight there is no room for guess work or error so you need to surround yourself with a team that knows how […]

  • Aircraft Operations: 6 Success Factors for Start-Up Entry Into Service

    Over the many years we’ve been involved in helping airline Start-Ups get EIS right for their aircraft operations, we’ve seen a lot of things go wrong… and a lot of things go right.  The difference between those operators who get things right most often and those that don’t frequently comes down to preparedness. Too often […]

  • The top 11 things to consider when acquiring or selling an aircraft

    Acquiring or selling any aircraft is an incredibly intricate process that requires sound decision making that ultimately keeps safety and efficiency at the forefront. We’ve learned a lot about buying and selling aircraft in 20 + years of aviation consulting and have developed an 11 point system that will at the very least set potential […]