Where some of the the private jet set spent last summer

It’s the end of October already and we can see the past summer fading in the jet wash as we fly into fall.  Summer is such a great time for our industry and offers a glimpse into some of the more decadent applications of private flight versus the grind of city and country hopping just to get business done.  Every year around this time, we like to review a few of the hot spots that our private jet Clients took us to for a little summer fun. Here are 5 locations that we thought were interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. Budapest, Hungary. Over the past few years this gem of a city continues to find its way to the top of vacation lists for the elite.  Whether it’s to cruise the Danube or visit the Buda Castle, both Buda and Pest offer one of the most beautiful settings for a memorable holiday.  The capital of Hungary, the city is resplendent with cultural experiences, world class dining and historical sites.
  2. Metz, France. For the creative minded, Metz has developed a reputation for trend setting experiences that have made it the home of design firms and entrepreneurial start ups.  Only a short hop from Paris, the city offers the buzz of crowded streets where shoppers and gawkers stroll the sidewalks.  Tourists enjoy a true French experience including beautiful parks, vibrant character and food to fly for.
  3. Mykonos, Greece. This beautiful island continues to attract the jet setting crowd to it’s whitewashed paradise set against rich blue skies. According to mythology, named after the grandson of Apollo, Mykonos was created from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. A regular destination for the rich and famous, it’s not unusual to observe the stars at play. Like sightings of Elton John’s yacht… “Hercules”… touring the harbour for example.
  4. La Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia. Truly an exclusive location that celebrates the best of the best in the most extravagant ways, it’s white beaches and brilliant green waters are home to some of the best hotels in the world. In contrast, it also offers beautiful, almost deserted beaches that are free for all.  These areas are designated as a national park and are protected from development offering a stunning alternative for beach goers and sailing.
  5. Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps. Jungfrau massif offers three mountain peaks that traverse multiple destinations for a summer tour like no other. The off season for skiers, this dramatic setting attracts the more active elite to something different from beaches and boats. Hikers and climbers love the ruggedness and beauty that its one of kind vistas. Not only can one walk to natural glaciers, they can also experience an Ice Palace carved from the glacial ice. Definitely a different kind of summer holday!


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