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  • Two executives walking to private jet

    The 6 Things Private Aircraft Owners Care Most About

    Any professional marketer will tell you that the secret to building business is to see it through the eyes of the customer. What do they need? More importantly, what do they want?   The private aviation industry is no exception. In fact, it could be said that the customer base in our industry is even more […]

  • 5 Key Private Charter Start-Up Traps To Avoid

    We’ve spent a lot of time studying the private charter industry in Europe and watching it evolve.  In doing so we’ve watched a lot of people learn valuable lessons about making a profitable business out of it.  In today’s blog we want to share 5 things that stand out to us that entrepreneurs should think […]

  • 9 Secrets driving the growth of private aviation

    Sales are up. More people are buying more private jets.  You can get different numbers from different sources, but all are showing increases. However, unit sales increases don’t mean that dollar sales are up. In fact, total dollar sales are actually down thanks to the popularity of lower priced, light jets. The rich are getting […]

  • Avionco points out 7 nuggets from the Business Aviation Fact Book

    A couple of times a year we review various publications that come our way in the business of flight to find hidden nuggets of information that help us formulate ideas and opinions and to just remind ourselves of what a great industry this is. This week we were flipping through NBAA’s Business Aviation Fact Book […]

  • Avionco advises on 3 questions to ask about Aircraft Management in 2019

    In the private jet industry there are many, many aircraft management providers who offer multi-level services to owners and operators.  For some, this can represent a challenge in terms of choosing a partner who will be the best fit for your aircraft and your team. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for over 20 […]