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  • Aircraft simulator

    The 5 Critical Elements of Pilot Training for Private Jet Owners to Know.

    When and individual or corporation owns an aircraft, they need pilots as part of their team. To better understand what makes a good pilot it helps to know a bit about how pilots actually become pilots who will keep you safe and flying. To become a pilot, it requires a combination of skills and aptitude […]

  • Global 6500 flying in the clear sky

    Bombardier Global 6500 vs Bombardier Global 7500 – How do they compare?

    As specialists in these aircraft from EIS to ongoing daily management,  our team at Avionco is well equipped to compare the performance and luxury offered by these fine aircraft. We often assist potential buyers in making an informed decision that’s right for them.  Here are our top comparisons:   Performance: Bombardier Global 6500 The Global […]

  • Blank copy of Air Operator Certificate

    The 7 Steps Companies Take to Obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

    An Air Operator Certificate is a legal authorization issued by the aviation regulatory authority of any country that allows an operator to engage in commercial air transport activities. The AOC signifies that an operator has met stringent safety, maintenance, operational, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the operation is conducted with the highest level of safety […]

  • Two pilots on private jet

    How the Private Jet Industry is Managing Pilot Shortages

    Soaring demand for private jet travel in recent years has put even more pressure on the industry’s ability to provide qualified pilots amidst a global shortage. Today, we’ll discuss unique ways that leading providers are managing this situation. The Challenge The demand for private jet travel has surged in recent years thanks to increases in […]

  • Two executives walking to private jet

    The 6 Things Private Aircraft Owners Care Most About

    Any professional marketer will tell you that the secret to building business is to see it through the eyes of the customer. What do they need? More importantly, what do they want?   The private aviation industry is no exception. In fact, it could be said that the customer base in our industry is even more […]

  • The Long-Term Outlook for Private Aircraft Management Services is Soaring.

    The Long-Term Outlook for Private Aircraft Management Services is Soaring. The world has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. The pandemic, political and cultural unrest, economic uncertainty and more have changed the way the world does business. And while many industries have suffered, the private jet sector has continued to soar. Here’s a view […]