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  • The reasons crew members are critical to aircraft management services.

    When people think about aircraft management in the private jet industry they are often likely to focus primarily on the technical and mechanical aspects of keeping these exclusive aircraft flight worthy and ready for passengers at all times.  However, some of the most important aspects of managing a private aircraft are the “experience” related service […]

  • In case you missed us in the EBACE issue of Business Air News

    Once again EBACE continues to be a critical event for aircraft management providers to stay informed and connected.  We published an update article in the EBACE issue of Business Air News that you’ll find on page 21. Here’s the link to this issue if you’d like to hear what Josh Dodd had to say:

  • Opinion: How growth challenges in the private aircraft industry are creating new opportunities for some service providers

    Recently we were updating our business plan to help us prepare strategies for the future success of Avionco in the aircraft management sector. For many reasons, we see opportunities among the many challenges all of us in the industry face.  Here’s an overview of our thinking. The Business Jet Market Analysis, Trends and Future Outlook […]

  • 4 things companies need to know about keeping their private jet operational

    So, your company has purchased or is thinking about purchasing a private jet. Research has been done, experts have been consulted and the efficiencies of having your own corporate aircraft outweigh or at least balance the associated costs.  From the ability to access hundreds or even thousands of airports that commercial flights don’t – to easily […]

  • Avionco looks at the ultra-rich and where they live

    As we look at potential growth in the private aviation world, it’s helpful to understand where the money is that will drive it. This week we revisited the 2018 Global Wealth Report to see what we could learn. This exclusive report by Knight Frank uncovers data about the global population of ultra-rich individuals, where they […]

  • Avionco points out 7 nuggets from the Business Aviation Fact Book

    A couple of times a year we review various publications that come our way in the business of flight to find hidden nuggets of information that help us formulate ideas and opinions and to just remind ourselves of what a great industry this is. This week we were flipping through NBAA’s Business Aviation Fact Book […]