4 things to look for at ACE19

ACE19 kicks off tomorrow (Sept 17) at London Biggin Hill.  It’s always an exciting time for any of us who love the business of flight to explore the latest industry developments, network with colleagues and clients, revue the latest charter services and just enjoy the overall eye candy of so many fantastic aircraft in one place.

It’s one of the single biggest days in private aviation management and every year we always make new contacts and discover new ideas for growing our business by helping owners and operators make the most of theirs. Here are 5 things that we think will be of interest on this jam-packed day:

  1. Panel discussions. The focus of this year’s panels is on the future and it’s a great place to learn what industry leaders are thinking we should be prepared for.  It’s always fascinating to debate, discuss and learn so that we can apply these things to our own vision.  The inclusion of “The Next Generation” panel is also a great way to see the industry potential through the eyes of those just coming up.
  2. Lunch. No that’s no joke.  Lunch is time to network and for pre-arranged appointments with current clients and potential clients.  The food is okay, but you’re really missing out if you haven’t decided make some meetings happen.  We generally get the food in quickly or stand and eat so that we can move around and locate our colleagues for meaningful exchanges. It’s important to have scheduled meetings and to set objectives in these quick discussions.  Know what you want to say and what you want as a response. You can also use this time to organize end of day or dinner meetings.
  3. The aircraft of course. This is such a great show to see what your competitors are doing, what new onboard services might be coming along and to consider future acquisitions as your own business evolves.  It’s also a great place to showcase your own aircraft and service. We’ve done so and what is showed us is that there is a place for a huge range of aircraft types and services for a market that is expanding to include more than just the elite or super wealthy.
  4. Booth exhibits. While it is interesting to see all of these exhibitors, it’s not just about wandering around, it should be about engagement. Are the exhibitors providing an engaging informative experience or just there because they have to be? We approach exhibits of interest to us with the attitude of understanding the product or service well and how it can help our business. Sometimes though, booth staff are not up to the task and the opportunity for them (and us) is lost.  We seek booth staff who are knowledgeable, inspired and driven to tell you a compelling story that will benefit your business.

While this is a one-day show, we find that most attendees are there for multiple days. Don’t forget to reach out to customers and colleagues alike to make the most of networking, information sharing and deal making in the days surrounding the event.  Enjoy!

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