9 Secrets driving the growth of private aviation

  1. Sales are up. More people are buying more private jets.  You can get different numbers from different sources, but all are showing increases. However, unit sales increases don’t mean that dollar sales are up. In fact, total dollar sales are actually down thanks to the popularity of lower priced, light jets.
  2. The rich are getting richer. We’ve said this in previous blogs – growth of the $50 Million + club continues to accelerate around the world creating great opportunities for the private aviation industry.
  3. Fractional ownership is up. Even the not so rich can get in the game if they want.  Multiple individuals or corporations purchasing jets for shared use is having a noticeable impact on our industry. We imagine scheduling how and when these jets are shared by the owners is probably the biggest headache.
  4. Charter is growing. Even non-owners are having an impact on industry growth.  The emergence of more people with lofty wealth profiles means more demand for private charters which stimulates fleet growth among the providers.
  5. Privileged millennials abound. This demographic is having a growing impact that will drive demand across the industry.  Providers will need to evolve their service models to serve this demanding group though.
  6. It’s easier than ever. Everything about private flight is improving.  From easy payment options to ease of access, more people are becoming aware and considering private flight as a real option.
  7. Outsourcing is more viable. One of the things that tempers private jet ownership are the complexities of aircraft management.  More providers of all sizes are available to take those headaches away today and in the long run even reduce the costs of management.
  8. Customer service is improving. Our industry is very competitive and that means our service models are improving every day. We all learn from each other and provide our own innovation to accommodate those who allow us to earn a living as private aviation providers.  Flexibility is the key.
  9. Lead generation has never been easier. Everything you need to reach customers and everything they need to reach you is only a click away.  Smart providers are developing sophisticated marketing strategies to take advantage of this.

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